Yees Finally, we came to my favorite month of the year. Team building, birthday and our trip to Europe .. On the first day of the month, the whole team set off for Coronini. First team building I've joined. We stayed in this place for 4-5 days near the border of Serbia. It was a familiar trip to get to know each other better. we saw an incredible view. it was a holiday in which we made our own food. Thanks to the activities, everyone became familiar with each other.

After this small holiday we started working in a new school Primavara. Special education is provided for children with mental disabilities. The first day I was a bit shy. Because I didn't have any education for about this. But when I saw how special the children were, I changed my mind. It's a different experience for me. Than, we left a good week behind and we celebrated my birthday on the 2nd week of November. Birthday cake, candles, gifts, amazing friends .. and Party. Everything was perfect. Welc…
Welcome to my channel friends 😅

I'm writing my first blog for Evs.Well.. After a long waiting period, a lot of thrown letters and cv, and finally got acceptance from Romania. It was a country I never thought of before. But I'm so glad I came here right now. Anyway .. After travel preparations and small cries :) I started traveling. I arrived at the Belgrade airport and arrived at my new home at the end of a 5 hour (incredibly fun) journey with driver. Thanks to a sweet Turk friend greeting me, my anxiety was somewhat reduced. Then we made a welcome party and started to go to schools as an observer. At the end of the week I had amazing,  energetic friends. I was able to find answers to all my questions. Also, I meet with my sweet Portuguese roommate. Oww sorry, She is from Brazill ;) Now; 2 Italian, 1 Polish, 1 Portuguese and 1 Turk live in the same house. I think this will be fun:) Briefly.. Before I got here, I heard so much joke about gypsies and Romania. But you can understa…
Salut din nou 👐

After the first month; Caro and I spent a nice weekend in Timisoara. This was our first trip. We drank our cold beers and toured the city. We found a local festival and made a beautiful walk to the side of the lake. And for a nice hotel in the city center we paid only 50 Ron. But that was not enough for us. After returning home, we made a trip to Europe and bought our tickets. we are still trying to make this trip perfect and we are incredibly excited. :) If I talk about Resita; We have prepared a lot of activities to teach the amazingly sweet children English numbers and colors. We also learn Romanian.
And the most important event of this month; We set out for On Arrivel. This is a meeting  organization that brings together volunteers from all over Romania. On the 20th of October, me, Caro, Paola took the train for Caransebes and thenBucharest. Almost 10 minutes after boarding our ticket check was done and yes we learned that our train was actually yesterday !!! 5 minute…